From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 19:30:07 2005

> ANIX 1.0 was written by Randy Hyde, the author of LISA, SPEED/ASM,
> DISASM/65, TRACE/65, DOSOURCE 3.3, portions of Apple PIE, and several
> other professional software tools. ANIX is, by far, one of his best
> efforts to date. For advanced 6502 programmers the source listings of
> ANIX and all the utilities are also available.

Interesting, I take it this is for an Apple // of some sort?

> Has anyone ever heard of or used this? Has anyone got a copy? Can you
> send a copy to me? :)

I think I'd be interested as well. Curse you! Suddenly you've got me
wanting to play with one of my Apple //e's! Worse, I don't have the room,
and they're seriously buried!

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