x86 Assembler Recommendations

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Tue Feb 15 20:15:12 2005

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Scott Stevens wrote:

Check out gputils. It's googlable. There's a dos version. Great
quality stuff. I use gpasm for the PIC. I think there's 86 stuff
in there.

> That assembler looks useful for something I have been wanting to do.
> Most of my programming experience is with small embedded controllers, 4
> and 8 bit parts, and I've been looking for a 'bare metal' 8086
> assembler. By this, I mean one that doesn't assume anything at all
> about the memory mapping and doesn't expect an OS or loader to get it
> into memory. An assembler where ORG directives can locate your code and
> it is rommable directly out of the assembler (i.e. Intel Hex binary
> output). The kind of tool you can wrap up in some scripting for quick
> 'assemble/shoot to EPROM emulator/burn to EPROM' development on the fly.
> Awhile back I started designing a SBC based on the 8088/8088 processor,
> with a single ROM, an SRAM, etc. I got bogged down badly in trying to
> use regular DOS-type tools to produce rommable code. I actually have a
> CPU card all wired up and waiting for a ROM to be plugged in.
> This is actually plausibly on-topic here, though it's really a topic for
> an 'embedded controller/SBC' list, as the date codes on all the chips
> being used on my project all meet the 'ten year rule.' The URL for a
> web page I put together (currently not very active) is:
> http://sasteven.multics.org/8088page.html
> -Scott
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