From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 20:45:21 2005

> > I think I'd be interested as well. Curse you! Suddenly you've got me
>> wanting to play with one of my Apple //e's! Worse, I don't have the room,
>> and they're seriously buried!
>It could be I got you wanting to play with your 15 cabinet
>Honeywell DPS-6 ;)

Better watch it, don't forget I probably one of the few (if not only)
trained and qualified DPS-6 operators on the list. OTOH, I didn't
really care for the system. What scares me is I've found myself
wanting to play with a DPS-8 and GCOS-8, and I really hated working
as a systems analyst on those. I blame the DPS-8 for my love of
front panels :^)


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