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From: John C. Ellingboe <>
Date: Wed Feb 16 08:51:20 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, John C. Ellingboe wrote:
> > I get both list but they come into different folders. The CCtech list
> > seems to be fine here but the CCtalk sends copies of messages several
> > tines a day. several times I have relized that I have deleted the same
> > message(s) 4 to 6 times and maybe in the same day. I havent said
> > anything since I figured it was the server being flaky and would go away
> > when the new one came online.
> You are having the exact same problem I am, and now that I think of it, it
> may well have started when I began using PINE to sort CCTALK mail into
> its own folder. Are you also using PINE?
> I've been plagued by this for over a year now and it sucks. I've put up
> with it thinking its my server and that it would hopefully go away once
> I've finally upgraded it.

I have always had mine sorted into separate folders using netscrape. I
did get some copies from cctech this morning which is a bit unusual.
The cctalk is where I seem to get all the multiple copies.
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