Data sheets for Intel 8203 & 8206

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Feb 16 10:00:07 2005

At 09:20 AM 2/16/05 -0600, you wrote:
>At 08:44 AM 2/16/2005 -0500, Joe R. wrote:
>>At 11:09 PM 2/15/05 -0600, you wrote:
>> >Hi Joe,
>> >
>> >I'm pretty sure that I have the 8203 and probably the 8206 data books.
>> >I also have some old Signetics, Harris, Synertek and Intersil books, so
>> >will take a look for your 2671/2672 as well. I'll look in the morning
>> >and let you know what I find.
>> >
>> Thanks. I did find two pages on each one is my old 1982 IC Master. It has
>>block diagrams, pinouts and a list of features but that's all.
>> Joe
>I found my Intel data book with both the 8203 and 8206. Do you want me to
>scan the info for you?

   Yes, if you don't mind. If you scan it I'll host it on my website or I'm
sure that Al would be willing to host it.

>I was unable to locate any data on the 2671 or 2672...sorry.

    I found a couple of pages in the IC Master about them. I don't know how
useful it will be. Apparently most of the 267x parts are mask programmed so
there's no chance of replacing them if they're bad.


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