Laser display (was Re: Orlando hamfest)

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Feb 16 12:13:51 2005

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>> ISTR there was another game I wanted to play on one of my machines -
>> there was a star in the middle of the screen, and two ships. The
>> ships tended to move towards the star, and the objective was for one
>> player to destroy the other player's ship by firing missiles.

Spacewar, yes. One could argue it was the very first video game.
Originally written for the..PDP-6, I think. Guy L. Steele writes in
the front matter to The New Hacker's Dictionary of seeing spacewar
running, by implication on a PDP-6.

> That sounds a lot like the Cinematronics game, Star Castle, that was
> a B&W vector arcade game.

Star Castle was one player against the machine, and it had the player
firing at a central cannon which fired back under some circumstances,
not two players moving under gravity around a central star.

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