Apple II Joystick?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Feb 16 19:07:40 2005

Gary Fisher wrote:

> You don't really need a joystick to run the card (just the games). I believe you can put a virtual mouse card into one of the apple IIe's slots and the LC mouse will emulate a IIe mouse. The software to run the whole thing is still on the Applecare website at: I have the manual and can PDF some of the installation & startup pages if you wish. The configuration screen allows you to drop in all the virtual boards such as super serial (which goes out the mac serial port), clock calendar, memory expansion board etc. In fact the cool thing about the card/software combo is that you can put in a virtual workstation card and boot off an appleshare 3 server and be networked! (I use an LC520/emulation board combo that is hooked to Ethernet with a serial to RJ45 converter box, I have a LCII server running appleshare 3 just for the Apple II board, works like a damn!) Not to mention that you can use part of the Mac's hard di
> k as storage for the Apple II. I think this is one of the cleverest things Apple has ever done (and they have done a lot of clever things over the years!).
> As for a joystick, I just went into my local PC surplus place, a lot of the old PC joysticks were dualies with a PC/Apple switch on the bottom.

   Oh, groovy! Thanks!

   I've never even installed the software for the IIe board because I
was told I needed the joystick.

   Now I have Yet Another Project. :)

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