Fwd: Train-station managing C64 dies after two decades

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Thu Feb 17 07:30:44 2005

Reported on the C-1 mailing list.

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Subject: [C-1] OT: desperately needed: C64 expert ;-)

Hey Gang,

I know this is slightly off-topic, but I guess it's exactly the right
place for gaining many, many wise nods (and giggles of course):

For the last 20 years a C64 silently controlled the info displays at
Dortmund/Germany main train station. Now it died and nobody knows how
to replace/restart it. The only (?!) guy who could fix it coming from
Munich did still not show up and they estimate a cost of 3 million
Euros to replace the system... 3 MILLION?!?! Yeah, sounds like a 4GHz
Java-Solution to me...

All the people in the Dortmund area (even Jens!): Go there, help them,
make some cash! ;*)

Here's the scoop (German), use the fish of many languages to translate
the funny article...

Cheers, Axel

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