Fwd: Train-station managing C64 dies after two decades

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Thu Feb 17 11:54:35 2005

> > Hi
> > I'll replace the C64 and bring the system back up for only
> > 1 million. It'll be tough for me but I believe I can make
> > a small profit.
> > Dwight
> The one problem that might be the case that I though of is... what if
> the problem is that the EPROMs are losing their bits after 20 years...
> not impossible. What if there are no listings or backups?

Well, unfortunately, a followup on the list is that it appears to be a clever
hoax which was overzealously reported. Still, the actual system is a 286
running Xenix, not quite as cool (to me) as a Commodore 64 doing the same
task, but still intriguing and on topic for this list. The problem of no one
knowing how to maintain or repair it stands (maybe the HD lost the magic
smoke, who knows).

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