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Date: Thu Feb 17 12:51:26 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Eric Smith wrote:

> Evan wrote:
> > He believes his prices are ** lower ** than
> > what they should be.
> Of course, since he is on the selling side. Duh.

He also misses the point. Except for nerds like us, nobody knows who any
of the early computer pioneers were/are (with the exception of perhaps
Thomas Watson Sr/Jr.) If we're talking about papers from Einstein,
Edison, Bell, etc., those are universally (at least in the West)
acknolwedged because they affected society directly and at a much larger
scale. But the things that Babbage, Hopper, Eckert, Mauchley did do not
compare in terms of notoriety and direct impact.

He is correct that these people *should* be more well known, but they
aren't, and therefore that's why the values he is assigning are

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