Wowzers... The things I found... Long!

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 01:17:18 2005

OK, good news everybody -- I finally found a bunch of stuff that I'd been
looking for for a while... and a bunch of stuff I hadn't! All of which are
up for grabs...

I finally found several trays (read: 8 inch pie tins ;-) of the 24-pin
Motorola MCM68764 and 68766 8K byte EPROMs in the funky little carriers
that fit Panasonic/Quasar HHC handheld computers, and some DEC gear...
which gear? I dunno... (These are insurance program pulls from HHCs, FYI.)
Now if only I could find my HHC...

The EPROMs are compatible with some earlier CoCo disk controllers, but they
don't use the funky carrier thingy, so you have to 'extract' the chip from
the carrier which is not impossible, but not necessarily easy.

What I have not yet found is the programmer cradle that I have for them,
but I've been diddling with the thought of wire-wrapping 2 each 24-pin
wirewrap sockets 'dead-bug' style - one set of legs to fit into my ZIF DIP
socket on the programmer, the other set up to (hopefully) make good contact
with the pins of the EPROM slid between the rows of the socket. Dunno if
it'll work...

That, and I have yet to find the EPROM programmer that has the built-in UV
eraser, so I cannot erase these critters; therefore it would be pointless
to offer to reprogram them at this point... (tho, if my deadbug socket idea
works, my programmer can handle 'em.)

All told I probably have 60+ available immediately. I can peel labels
tonite (most seem to come off pretty easily) so if one has a preference of
'64 or '66, no worries. What I will not do is extricate the chips from the
carriers, so if you want topless, I can do that. You wan't 'em nekkid, you
diddle with the pliers and whatnot. ;-)


In other news, I found an 8-bit IBM PC compatible hard drive interface --
not sure if it's MFM or RLL (they used the same cable set) Model number is
WD1002A-WX1 up for grabs. It'll run 2 drives, but I only have a cableset for 1.

I have 2 control boards for a 14" HP hard drive (the drive that was in the
decimated Interdata 7/16 that my cow-orkers destroyed on me years back --
the drive didn't survive either. :-/ ) HP Part numbers: 07910-60103 (DSU
Analog PCA) and 07910-60039 (DSU Control PCA). A lot of '79 and '80 date
codes on these things (and a *lot* of gold!) some ceramic chips, most chips
are HP numbered, but a few are both HP and 74xx numbered. 1 8-pin can
transistor - never seen one of those up close before! Make me an offer I
can't refuse (not that it would take much! ;-)

I have 2 each "Computone" 16-bit PC cards - full length. Has 8 each 62256
100NS chips (256Kbytes) a NEC V50 CPU, a couple of Zilog ZO853006PSC chips,
and some wild 74xx series monsters - 3 each 74als841, a 74als873 that
caught my eye. 4 RJ11 connectors, and 2 9-pin RJ45-like MMJ-lookin'
behemoths. Not exactly sure what they are, but if you want 'em...

1 Each Adaptec AHA-1740A Revision H - EISA SCSI Card, no floppy controller
(else that would've been the 1742). It might have been in the DEC 486
server box described below... It's missing the back cover slot thingy, too.

And for all you "PC but Not Very PC because it's a DEC Mongo Server" dudes
out there: several boards from a DEC multi-processor 486 beastie, including
4 each (Yea, 4) memory boards, each containing 20 30-pin SIMM sockets -
filled with 1Meg (8-chip) SIMMs. That's right -- 80Meg of RAM! 3 each
486DX33 cards, but each slightly different -- One has the CPU with lotsa
extra PALS and big 74-series TTL (methinks the "main brain"), one is
labeled 486-SIO, I think it added a CPU and multiple Serial interfaces to
the machine, and one was 486-SCSI and added a CPU and a SCSI interface. One
last board to round out the mix, has the RTC, floppy interface chips, BIOS,
one serial port (prolly for the console). I do not have the motherboard all
these plug into, however. (Oh and the original box had a 700Watt PS in
it... and I'm sure it needed it!)

What I'm interested in for trades if you have such:

spare UV EPROM eraser. 1up is fine, I don't do a lot of EPROM erasing.
Working would be a plus, easily repairable I could deal with.

Any good 8085 Assembly language books. I have 1: Levanthal's; now that I
have my ROM2/Cleuseau chip installed & working in my model 100, I have the
ability of learning Assembly for 'em hands on.

Any Tandy Model 100/102/200 hardware -- working or not. Rom Software would
be good, too... ;-)

Small change from foreign countries - I really won't make bones about the
condition of the coins unless they appear to be run over by a train. ;-)
Foreign == Not North America. (Well, unless it's really old, or minted in
gold, silver, platinum, billon, etc. ;-)

Anything "kewl" that's 6809/6309 based... Anyone have a FHL "Eliminator"
they don't want... or maybe a copy of Sculptor? ;-)
[[ Come to think of it, after the CoCo3 came out, there was a
window-environed "OS" for RS-DOS that would let you use all 512K in Basic
programs! Too bad my Rainbows are still all packed, or I'd find the ad for
that... that would be neat. ;-) ]]


If there's no takers, some I may keep, some may get disassembled for the
chips, some will get tossed. Save it while you can!

More to follow...

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

Roger "Merch" Merchberger -- SysAdmin, Iceberg Computers
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