Update on 6876x ROMs

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Fri Feb 18 02:05:33 2005

Just a quick count & clarification:

I have just over 100 68764's available -- no marks I could see on timing on
any of 'em yet. These are "Mostly No Label" as in: very little left over
label on the part number or chip window -- they may need some light cleaning.

Maybe 50ish total 68766's -- these are either not marked for speed, or are
marked for 400ns, 350ns, or 300ns. Almost all are unmarked or 350ns. I have
1 or 2 400ns, 3 each 300ns out of the 200ish ROMs I've checked so far, so I
think those should go in ePay r_at_Re, 1o0k, w00t!


Same remarks on cleanliness on those. -- I have another 20 or so where the
labels were stubborn and will need a lot of cleaning, or where the labels
didn't impede detection of the part numbers for sorting, so I didn't
attempt removal. (some labels are easy to remove, some are not. These are
the ones that are not. ;^> )

I have probably 10ish where the part numbers were difficult to discern at
3am in poor lighting and tired eyes... and prolly another 200ish unsorted.

Just thought I'd let you know... Laterz,

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