ClassicCmp IRC channel?

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 12:46:26 2005


Jules Richardson said:
> On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 08:18 -0800, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > IRC is so mid-1990s. I don't even know how to access IRC anymore. If my
> > Linux box has an IRC client then I'd be surprised (and if so then I'm
> > going to delete it just to be a dick :)
> :-)
> xchat's pretty good (better than the Windows equivalent IMHO).
> as for classiccmp on irc, I would have thought we just don't have the
> numbers for it? The list works because there are sufficient numbers of
> people with a particular interest to keep things going; for an irc
> channel to work we'd all have to be there all the time, which isn't
> exactly possible :-)

The Forth Interest Group UK runs a irc session the first Saturday in
every month at 2200 utc. That way everyone interested knows when to
check in. Surely something like that could be done.
Stan Barr
The future was never like this!
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