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Date: Fri Feb 18 13:26:13 2005

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>>>>>> "Dwight" == Dwight K Elvey <> writes:
> Dwight> Hi For the Germans, they put them on airplanes and brought
> Dwight> them to the US. For the Birtish, it was a little more
> Dwight> sneeky. Tell the Brit's that they need to come to do their
> Dwight> work during the war in the US where they are not being
> Dwight> shelled all the time. Of course, bring the wife and family.
> Dwight> Once established here, many stayed after the war.
> Of course they did...
> paul
> (former dutchman)

There was a recent study of the current cost of living around the world.
Then as now most of Europe has a much higher cost of living without having
higher wages than in the US.

If you came to a country with your family and found you could have a much
better lifestyle than in your home country would you stay or go back home?

It was not as was proposed stealing Britons, as for the German scientists
many were "taken" by offering them sanctuary from prosecution as war

The US wanted to build its brain trust and offered scientists and engineers
around the world good jobs at good pay at the time Europe was in
reconstruction where jobs other than manual labor were scarce.

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