Smallest TCP/IP code?

From: Tom Peters <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 15:08:59 2005

Here's one for sale, an MSS1-T, for $35

Here's a guy with a box of 50 of the MSS-100:

Only GBP 400.00
(Approximately US $758.10)

The MSS-100 Device Server allows almost any industrial serial device to be
connected to a new or existing Ethernet network.

When used in conjunction with Ethernet enabled OPC servers, PC-based
control applications (HMI, SCADA) have full access to information in the
connected devices. Existing COM-port based Windows? applications can also
access network-enabled devices.

The unit can be configured locally using the serial port, remotely over
Ethernet using Telnet or via its in-built web server.

TCP/IP (Unix), IPX (Novell NetWare), LAT.

At 02:02 PM 2/18/2005 -0500, you wrote:
> Cameron said:
>>The one I use is the Lantronix UDS-10, which
>>lets me do Telnet (or open any TCP connection, really) over a serial link
>>with any terminal program. The UDS-10 has RS-232 on one side and 10baseT
>>on the other.
> Cool. How much do they sell for?
> Paul Pennington
> Augusta, Georgia

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