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From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Fri Feb 18 17:33:37 2005

Well, this is beginning to look like a case of symantecs since except in
the possible case of the Germans, it was a choice. While it is certainly
possible that the German scientists were forced to come to the US, I
have not heard of that happening before. I've heard of countries
(including the US) where people were not allowed to stay in the country
unless they had some specific skills that were needed. True? I don't

> For the Germans, they put them on airplanes and
> brought them to the US.
> For the Birtish, it was a little more sneeky. Tell
> the Brit's that they need to come to do their work
> during the war in the US where they are not being shelled
> all the time. Of course, bring the wife and family.
> Once established here, many stayed after the war.
> Dwight
> >From: "Marvin Johnston" <>
> >
> >
> >Stole? That seems a bit strong, and deserves some clarification. How are
> >you defining "stole"?
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