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Sellam said:

> On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Andy Holt wrote:
> > If you really want amusement about the history of the jet engine check up
> > the answer to the following:
> > Four countries were working on jet engine development during the second
> > world war.
> > UK,US,Germany being the obvious 3 ... who was the 4th?
> Japan
> > Which of the 4 was 1st to have a jet plane fly?
> Um, Germany?

I think the Italians got there first, but they cheated a bit...

> > Which countries had production jets in service before the end of the war?
> Um, Germany again?

and the UK. The ME262 and the Gloster Meteor both went into service
in July 1944, the ME 262 beating the Meteor into service by 4 days,
I think.

> > Why were the patent rights to the jet engine given for free to the US
> > denying Frank Whittle a well-deserved retirement income?
> Because people are greedy?

It was part of a deal for supplying war materials. The US also got all
the data from the British supersonic aircraft project. This was passed
to Bell, of course, and came in handy for the X-1...
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