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Date: Sat Feb 19 12:18:26 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>Well, they're the 5th then, because Japan also built a prototype jet
>airplane during the war that actually flew. Saw it on the History
>Channel, and those bastards don't lie! :)
I still think the skip bomber was the better idea from war years, but
you never hear
about that in history.

>>Again, news to me.
Well if you like prop-planes the animated movie
Porco Rosso will be out feb 22.
------- from *Nausicaa.net -----*
Porco Rosso (the Japanese title Kurenai no Buta literally means "The
Crimson Pig") was first planned as a 30-45 minutes in-flight movie on
Japan Airlines. It's been described as "a movie which tired businessmen
on international flights can enjoy even with their minds dulled due to
lack of oxygen." As Miyazaki's imagination took off, it became a
feature-length movie about an Italian Air Force pilot who left the
service due to the rise of fascism. He became a bounty hunter, assuming
the name "Porco Rosso."

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