Trouble copying files from DOS to XP machine

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sat Feb 19 14:58:44 2005

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005, Jim Leonard wrote:

> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > I've got a DOS 6.22 machine with Microsoft Network Client installed so I
> > can mount volumes on my XP machine. All works fairly well. The problem
> > is when I try to copy lots of files to the XP machine. The DOS system
> > invariably hangs and I have to reboot.
> I had no idea software like this existed! Where can I found out more
> (where to get the software and get it configured)? Up until now I've
> just been FTP'ing files back and forth using old 3com cards and packet
> drivers. The abliity to mount a drive would be fantastic.

Hi Jim.

Yeah, it rocks. It's very nice to be able to attach your old DOS machines
to your ethernet.

I zipped my MSNC directory and put it here:

Download it, make a directory called MSNC (or whatever) and unzip it. Run
the SETUP.EXE program to configure your network adaptor, protocols, etc.
You can do MS TCP/IP, NETBEUI, Netware, etc.

The setup program might need some explanation as it's non-intuitive. You
can tab between displayed windows using the TAB key. Select the item you
want to configure (using arrow keys) then tab back to action menu and
select what you want to do (i.e. configure). This hopefully makes sense
when you run the program. If not, e-mail me and I'll be glad to help.

As you may have read, I had problems with my particular configuration
using the 3COM 3C509B cards. I recall having this problem before. It
might just be something weird with the 486 PC I'm using, though I didn't
want to delve too deeply into it. I'm glad I didn't have to take the time
to figure out why it doesn't work, but then it might be one of those
things that are just un-figure-out-able. Who cares, it works now. Just
beware if you are using 3COM Etherlink III cards. And if you do use them
and get yours working fine, please let me know. Generic NE2000 works
really well.

Have fun!

P.S. I also put the 3COM 3C5X9 adaptor configuration utility
(3C5X9CFG.EXE) in the same directory as above. You can also download this
stuff from 3Com's website, which is found inside the complete driver suite
you download that has drivers for all operating systems.

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