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Date: Sat Feb 19 15:14:00 2005

I just send email to some of the Trenton Computer Festival people (the show Sol
Libes founded) to ask about this. If it helps, Sol's bio is here:

JCR Licklider has a son, Tracy, who used to be president of the Boston Computer
Society. I don't know what else he is involved with.

--- Mike <> wrote:

> During a recent discussion of Expect, I wondered if the creator Don Libes was
> related to Sol Libes.
> I have an autographed copy of Sol Libes and Mark Gartez Interfacing to
> S-100/IEEE696 microcomputers on my shelf. I just picked up a copy of
> Exploring Expect by Don Libes and in the preface there is a mention of a
> biological relation to a Sol. Does anyone know what the relationship is
> (brothers, father-son, cousins)?
> Are there any other computing families?
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