11/45 bulbs determined

From: Wai-Sun Chia <waisun.chia_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Feb 19 23:35:29 2005

The 11/45 uses OL-2 also? Then it's easy! :-)
The 8/M uses the exact same OL-2 too., but they're unobtanium now, but
an [1]almost perfect replacement is the (as you've deduced) CM7371
which is current production.

I bought a batch from Mouser, which retails at $0.90/bulb IIRC.

[1] the legs are narrower than the OL2 so it'll be a bit loose in the
socket. If it's directly soldered on the PCB then it's not an issue.

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 14:51:01 -0600, Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org> wrote:
> Wai-Sun had written...
> > I don't have a 11/45 (yet!), but while restoring my PDP8s, I found
> > Vince's page indispensible for bulb replacements:
> >
> > http://mysite.verizon.net/res1ac3j/id9.html
> >
> > Note that these bulbs may or may not be suitable for a 11/45, but
> I previously ignored this tip, because the dead bulb example I pulled from
> my 11/45 was labled OL-2. However, I pulled some more this morning and many
> of them were also labled 1209219. That bulb is obviously equivalent, and it
> happens to be referenced on the above website Wai-Sun mentioned. So, I may
> hunt for some CM2309's, but more than likely I'll buy a bunch of CM7371's.
> Since the intensity of the CM7371's will likely be different at 10v for a
> 12v lamp, I will probably move all the bulbs around so the newer different
> intensity ones are in a single group. Maybe the old bulbs all in the address
> & data lights and the new bulbs in the switch groups and status groups -
> something like that.
> Thanks!
> Jay
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