11/45-1, Jay-0

From: vrs <vrs_at_email.msn.com>
Date: Sat Feb 19 12:24:21 2005

> The bulbs on my /45 front panel are marked OL-2. Anyone know how those are
> different from OL-1? I can find lots of references on the web to OL-1
> but none to OL-2. Any thoughts? I'm in need of alternate part numbers.

I *think* that may be the same bulb used by the 8/L and 8/E. The definitive
test would be to look up the DEC part number on the 11/45 drawings. The
bulb page mentions the DEC part numbers for the -8 bulbs, so you should be
able to tell if the same bulb (12-09219) was used.

I am sure the OL-1 is *not* the same as the OL-2.

The OL-1 is a 15V bulb (12-09169), whereas the 12-09219 is a 10V bulb. The
bulb page has cross-references for each, to acceptable modern substitutes.

If you cannot get the exact replacement, you might consider relamping the
whole thing with the substitute, for maximum uniformity.

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