Trouble copying files from DOS to XP machine

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 07:38:09 2005

>Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>I've got a DOS 6.22 machine with Microsoft Network Client installed so I
>can mount volumes on my XP machine. All works fairly well. The problem
>is when I try to copy lots of files to the XP machine. The DOS system
>invariably hangs and I have to reboot.
>At first I was using PUTR to copy the contents of dozens of disk images
>over to the mounted drive on the XP box. At various points (normally on
>very big files) it would crash and I'd have to reboot. I tried various
>things like disabling certain things getting loaded (DOSKEY), making stuff
>load low instead of high, etc. Nothing really helped. I was able to copy
>over all the files if I rebooted and tried the copy again. Where it would
>crash before it would now work fine and I could move on to the next image,
>and the next, etc. until another crash.
>Is this a known problem? I tried tweaking the network configuration
>(including arbitrarily reducing the packet size from 1498 to 1024) but I
>can't find anything that will stop the machine from crashing. This is
>very frustrating.
>One stupid thing about PUTR: it copies in ASCII mode as a default, instead
>of binary. This is stupid stupid stupid! In the PC world where
>everything is 8-bit based, why default to ASCII? I was all but done
>copying over all the disk images when I noticed that when PUTR first
>starts it tells you the copy mode defaults to ASCII. ARGH!! Stupid
>stupid stupid!!!
Jerome Fine replies:

I presume you mean: PUTR from John Wilson at:

(a) PUTR is FREE - If you have a complaint, fix it yourself

(b) You can set up an initiation file that will configure
PUTR whenever you run it to your specific needs.

(c) While I agree that BINARY as the default would have been
better for me, obviously other users must feel differently.
You are the first person I have seen a complaint from

(d) Why are you using PUTR? The only reason that I use PUTR
is to transfer files to / from an RT-11 directory structure.
What am I missing? What do I not understand?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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