Single-Density NorthStar CP/M?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 10:37:37 2005

I received some correspondence this morning from a chap asking if
I had a copy of CP/M for the single-density NorthStar controller.

I had thought that CP/M was never ported to the SD controller, as
the only editions I have seen have been DD and DQ version, however
he seems quite certain that it was available - by coincidence, I was
looking at the READ-ME.DOC file on the LifeBoard CP/M 2.23a disk
this morning, and there is a reference to version numbers with 'SD'
indicating Single-Density.

Does anyone know if there is a version of CP/M for the Single-Density
NorthStar disk controller? If there is such a thing, I would very
much like to obtain a copy of it.


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