USPS Media Mail (was Re: Off-topic, but interesting (Fiorina fired))

From: chris <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 13:58:17 2005

>Who is checking and where?

Anywhere along the lines of the package travel, someone could flag it and
open it. The post office reserves the right to open and inspect Media
Mail packages for compliance.

Honestly, I suspect they don't bother. I've shipped quite a number of
things that way, and have never had a report of the package having been
opened in transit (and I make every attempt when shipping packages via
any carrier of putting the label across the opening of the box, so the
label has to be cut if it is opened... I like non repairable, non hidable
evidence that a package was opened).

My guess is, they reserve the right in case they get someone who starts
sending lots of large clunking boxes via Media Mail and they have an
honest reason to be suspicious.

>Now that I used computerized shipping I just pay for and print out labels.
>deliver sealed parcels to the Post Office and UPS. No one looks at them.
>In fact the Post Office clerks complained that I chose the option not
>to list the postage on the front. The couldn't tell if it was
>accurate. Now they don't even want the boxes at the counter. I deliver
>them to the person that answers the door to the back.

The 3-D bar code postage contains the postage value, and the automated
sorting machines read that and compare it to the weight of the package,
and reject anything that is too far out of line.

More and more of the post office is automated these days anyway, which
really means there is probably less and less of a chance of a media mail
package being opened and inspected (or any other package for that
matter). Less and less mail is even being looked at by human eyes.

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