8-bit IDE hard drives, controllers

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Sun Feb 20 16:33:40 2005

Rumor has it that Chad Fernandez may have mentioned these words:
>I don't remember seeing the original post. Could you send it my way, or
>maybe send it to the list again?

Well, it was a looonggunn... so it would be mean to Jay to post that rascal
in it's entirety again! How'zabout a link to the archives?


I'll admit one thing tho -- Due to the overwhelming lack of response; I
fired off an email to the guys at http://www.cloud9tech.com./ asking them
if they were willing to trade all[1] of the RAM on those DEC cards for one
of their CoCo3 512K SIMM RAM upgrades - which I *suspect* can be pretty
easily modified to handle the 2Meg upgrade.[2]

Haven't heard back yet, but it is the weekend...

Anywho, back to working pix to put on ePay... ;-) Those guys made (and
support) an IDE interface with both an IDE drive header and CF slot...


[1] If you haven't figured it out yet -- all but 2 for use in the card if
they gimme the thumbs-up ;-)

[2] A few patches to OS-9 is all it takes software wise, I'd *suspect* it's
2-wires soldered from the GIME chip to the 512K board for the extra 2
address lines hardware wise... but it might be an external gate -- I don't
know enough about that mod to be sure.

[3] a) and an onboard RTC as well... b) I haven't had my CoCos set up in a
long time due to an overwhelming lack of space, but I just realized today
that the video card in my PC has video capture capabilities... hehehe ;-)
Can you say "Picture in Picture?" Time to get back to my CoCos!

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