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Date: Sun Feb 20 16:46:20 2005

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>On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 11:40:48 -0600 wrote:
>> In message <00fc01c516a1$05190a40$8a0101ac_at_ibm23xhr06>, "John Allain" writes:
>> >There was an effort a while back to locate a copy of the WGBH/BBC
>> >"The Machine that Changed the World". Anybody succeed in getting
>> >it?
>> I've got a copy taped off the air. I taped it in SP mode,
>> so it's not too bad. With appropriate bribes, I could be
>> persuaded to make copies. Ship PDP-11s to...
>I would volunteer to digitize it and make DVD copies and distribute them
>for the cost of postage. (DVD-R's are so cheap these days there's no
>reason to run the risk of 'illegal commercial distribution' by charging
>for them)

That might be helpful. As it turns out a few years ago I transferred
it from VHS to Digital8 and also recently got a DVD recorder with
a Firewire input. So I'm in pretty good shape to make a few copies.
The whole series is 5 hours long, so I'm not in the position to
make large numbers.

Brian L. Stuart
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