Single-Density NorthStar CP/M

From: Barry Watzman <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 18:00:11 2005

Re: "Does anyone know if there is a version of CP/M for the Single-Density
NorthStar disk controller? If there is such a thing, I would very
much like to obtain a copy of it."

It absolutely exists. It was written by Larry Alcoff (Alkoff?) of Lifeboat
Associates in NYC and this was the product that put Lifeboat "on the map"
big time, around 1978 or so. I don't have a copy, but it was by no means
"rare". It was originally done with CP/M 1.4, and was later ported to 2.2.
I worked personally with Larry for about six months when he was [later]
doing the port of CP/M to the Heathkit systems (this was the original
bastard port, where, like the original Radio Shack TRS-80, there was ROM at
zero and RAM started at 2000 hex, I think that the TPA started at 2200H).
Later, we figured out a way to make the H-8 have a full 64K memory space of

But, again, the NorthStar version of CP/M that you refer to definitely does
exist (and if you find a copy, or even just the BIOS and boot code, I'd very
much like to have it).

Barry Watzman
Received on Sun Feb 20 2005 - 18:00:11 GMT

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