DEC Handbooks, manuals, misc for free near Washington DC

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Date: Mon Feb 21 09:46:05 2005

Available for free in suburban Washington DC:

* Many dozen DEC paperback handbooks. Mostly Q-bus and Unibus processors, VAX, etc., but some software and some "other" stuff available too.

* Misc Q-bus and Unibus boards, grant boards, etc. Nothing exciting, but if you need some grant boards, now is the time to get them!

* VT220, a couple of DEC keyboards

* A metric buttload of VAX/VMS condists, with some Alpha/VMS and Ultrix (MIPS and VAX) stuff thrown in too.

While I'd prefer that this stuff be hauled away en masse, I will consider requests for shipping small items (esp the condists) if you pay.

E-mail me ( for pick-up details.

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