Intel Paragon now on eBay, headed for scrappers?

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 11:53:53 2005

See message exchange below. It'd be a shame if it was getting scrapped
but oh well.

The system showed up on eBay a few days ago (I think just before my
initial post to the list). Obviously, these people are delusional about
its value, but seem to want to make whatever they can on it. If anyone is
really intent on getting this then you now need to outbid the scrappers.

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We appreciate you time, but they wont let us give it away, they have had
some fair offers to scrap the system and that probably what they will do,
thanks again for you time.

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> On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, ccom wrote:
> > Their are 15 of these cabinets, system can be broken down
> Sorry, no takers. You won't get much money for this. You should be happy
> if someone offers to haul it away for free. Unfortunately, there isn't
> much market for a system which can be replaced with 3 or 4 modern Pentium
> 4 computers.
> I hate to say scrap it because this is a real historical gem, but unless
> some museum comes forward to claim it, I can't think of any other
> institutions it can go to. The Computer History Museum has already
> rejected it.
> I can, however, suggest a few hardcore computer collectors who would take
> it, but again, they would not be willing to pay money for it.
> If you're interested in seeing it saved, let me know and I can have a few
> people over at your place within the next couple weeks to remove the
> important cabinets. Mind you, they will not want to take all 15 cabinets
> or the spare parts, but will likely take the most important bits, i.e. the
> processing unit and perhaps some of the storage and co-processor units.
> Let me know and I'll put the word out.

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