Kaypro II keyboard? (problem)

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Mon Feb 21 18:51:36 2005

>Check the coiled cable, it would often go bad causing that kind of problem.
>Some phone cords work others are "reversed", try a phone cord. If you have
>a crimper and a phone cord doesn't work cut off one end and crimp on a new
>plug (the other way around). Please note these are the small 4 prong
>modular connectors (I don't remember the number just not the RJ-11).

Thanks - that was exactly it - I borrowed the cable from a Kaypro IV
and it work perfectly. Unfortunately it's not a standard RJ-11 phone
plug, it's the small one - can't recall the id right now, but it's the
same as is used on the handset of many modern phones. A handset cord
is probably a bit light (wire) for this purpose, so I'll have to see
what I can dig up....

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