Cromemco CDOS format (was Osborne-1 SD format)

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Date: Mon Feb 21 20:20:04 2005

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> At 01:38 PM 02/21/2005, Dave Dunfield wrote:
>It's interesting with the Cromemco CDOS disk - the DD area is
>to 10 512 byte sectors/track, and in the DD(360k) drive, I can't read
>them at all - For this test, I pulled the actual Teac drive that I
>been using on the System-3 (which reads it fine) - it looks like the
>controller has touble with the tightly spaced sectors.
Well, I've usually had no trouble copying files back and forth
PC<>CDOS using Uniform with various standard PC controllers
(WD, Compaq, no-name).

Of course I can't format track 0 side 0 on the PC (although the
Compaticard might solve that problem) but if it's initially formatted
in CDOS, no problems. If you subsequently ask Uniform to format the
disk it skips track 0 side 0 and just formats the DS tracks.

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