DECmate III and Rainbow 100+

From: vrs <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 12:24:19 2005

> ISTR there are ways to read an RT-11 RX50 on a standard PC, but at the
> moment, I'm drawing a blank on it. Catweasels are not required... it
> _is_ an odd format (10 sectors/track, 80 tracks, slight different in
> header bytes from "standard" usage), but it's all well within the
> range of what a PC controller can do... it's all software at that
> point, and I can't remember what is capable of doing it. Probably
> need DOS/FreeDOS to run it, as I'd be surprised if anything exists for
> Winders. Dunno about Linux, but as RX50s are somewhat old and out of
> the mainstream, I'd be surprised if anyone bothered.

I thought PUTR could read and write RT11 format?? If I am remembering
things rightly, any standard PC with DOS and PUTR should be able to copy
RT11 stuff, including the whole volume.

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