OSI Challenger II

From: Adrian Graham <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Tue Feb 22 17:37:30 2005

Hi folks,

I'm looking through said machine while I'm in temporary custodianship of it
and there's a couple of oddities. The Challenger itself (the one in the Big
Blue Case from about 1980) has a 500-series 8 position backplane and
features a '502' CPU board with 6502 chip, 8K RAM and a '540' monochrome
video board with keyboard connector and a lot of kludges that are
miraculously still wired in place.

Also on the backplane is what looks like a prototyping board but its moniker
- 574 - doesn't appear in any official list of OSI boards I've found so far,
and there's a 4th board with '116RTC' written on it that contains a 6520,
2mhz xtal and much glue logic.....RTC to me is a realtime clock so I'm
puzzled as to why a 6502 based micro with seemingly 1 video out (plus an RF
modulator dangling precariously from its handwired position) and 1 RS232
connection might need an RTC board.

There are also many wires going all over the place that I need to trace as
well as a load that don't go anywhere :) 'rah.

Pix available if anyone wants them.


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