DECmate III and Rainbow 100+

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 06:47:59 2005

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <> writes:

>> 9600 or 19,200 bps). I can't find my VR201 to check if video is
>> coming out either one.

 Tony> If you're desparate I can find the pinouts of the monitor
 Tony> connector and you can hook up a composite (RS-170 'NTSC') mono
 Tony> monitor.

It's in the Pro 300 technical manual, on Al's website.

The video connector is a bit weird. It carries both a mono
(grayscale) signal with standard sync, and also on separate wires an
RGB signal with sync on blue (not on green). Don't know if the
Rainbow and DECmate have a color option, but the Pro does and that's
where it goes.

And yes, the whole thing is powered, rather poorly, from 12 volts.
(Poorly: if you flip significant quantities of white pixels on and
off, the scan area expands and shrinks very noticeably. So clearly
the supply regulation is seriously inadequate.)

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