server status

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 08:24:38 2005

Ok, I've had it with the current server problems.

Doc Shipley was kind enough to offer a Dell server with 640mb ram and
celeron 600mhz processor. Unfortunately I believe that by the time I pay for
shipping and upgrading the memory (the Dell uses ECC Registered memory
only)... it would be about the same price as just buying a new mainboard and
cpu for the existing server (I'm donating the gig of ram myself). Especially
given the ongoing problems with that machine I'd rather have something brand
new anyways. I'm sick and tired of the drive problem and it's locking up
more and more frequently.

I just bought a p4 and intel mainboard for the server. IF I get it installed
and the new raid controller has a problem with it, I can return it.

And to all who have been patiently waiting for me to respond to emails...
I've had about 4 hours of sleep in the past 3 days due to a datacenter
migration. The telco's and such have screwed up one thing after another and
made it a very painful move. I finally got decent sleep last night and
should be catching up on emails over the next few days.


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