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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Wed Feb 23 10:16:15 2005

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>Subject: Remem project
>From: "Steve Adolph" <sadolph_at_istop.com>
>Hey list-folk,
>Just thought I would post an update for everyone with regards to the Remem
>hardware activity.
>I've concluded the prototype design - schematic, layout, prototoype.
>Everything appears to be a-o-k. I'll be sending out the design files for PCB
>manufacturing probably tomorrow, and I'll be building a real Remem up as soon
>as I get the boards back. I'll take lots of photos and post them so you can
>see the real thing in action.
>I'll take a moment to remind you guys of what it does--
>Remem adds to an M100, T102 or T200:
>* 2MB of ram, and 4 MB of flash rom
>* a programmable logic device with spare resources for additional interfaces
>* an integrated Rampac
>* onboard power supplies to power other future add-ons
>Remem replaces
>* your internal ram chips, rom chips and option roms
>Remem installation
>* plugs into the rom socket
>* requires a small amount of wiring work inside the case
>* consumes < 5 mA of battery power, so has limited impact on battery life
>Remem allows you to
>* run your laptop like you always have, with full memory capacity
>* put all your option roms into flash memory
>* bank-switch easily between rom images so you can change apps quickly
>* use RAMPAC software/storage
>* upgrade your ROM to Y2K, or any other mods you might want
>and.. the most elaborate function included--
>* Remem supports what we are referring to as MMU mode - memory mapped
>operation. This means that the 96 KB memory space that the M100 hardware can
>address, can be managed at a 1KB block level. Any 1K block of memory from
>the onboard 6MB, can be placed anywhere in active addressing space. This
>should allow for some interesting applications to be made over time.
>At a minimum, MMU mode will allow a fast way to implement ram/flask disk
>storage, rapid option rom swapping, multiple ram environments etc.
>Anyhow, looking forward to making these available, and seeing the resulting
>onslaught of utilities and applications written that will leverage the effort.

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