Replica I video section information?

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 10:27:20 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Jim Brain wrote:
>>Does anyone know where I could find technical information on the video
>>section of the Replica I? (the ATMega8 and 74LS166 section) I'm
>>curious, but could not find the info on the site or via google, but I
>>might be searching for the wrong thing.
>Have you tried e-mailing Vince?

Hi Jim,
The ATmega8 is used for video text display on the
replica. It gets help from a shift register 74HC166
and a flip flop 74HC74 as a frequency divider. Running
at 14.31818mhz is the required speed for TV signals.
The shift register helps get the data out fast enough
to have time to calculate text characters, scrolling
screen, etc.
But, I was really looking for more technical information, maybe some code, etc., as I need to do similar things for another vintage project I am working on.
The information later provided in this list was helpful, but if anyone 
has more information, I'm all ears.
I was/am also interested in how such an elegant idea (appropos, given 
the connection to Woz) of the design.
Jim Brain, Brain Innovations                      
Dabbling in WWW, Embedded Systems, Old CBM computers, and Good Times!
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