warehouse computer distroyer

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Date: Wed Feb 23 13:38:49 2005

It's sad reading about this 'destroyer' on the loose. It reminds me of the
people that go around stealing man-hole covers once in a while in some
cities, to cash in on the scrap metal value. Terrible!
   Anyways, I was reading your thread, and it brought to mind the topic of
computer recycling. Obviously a good computer should be saved, if possible,
but what about computer recycling, or scrap value of systems that are no
longer useful? Does anyone know where I can go to read up on what boards
and other parts are worth (presumably for the gold or whatever)?



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> This is common at goodwill too, here in Oregon. Almost as
> soon as the stuff hits the bins it is dissasembled and
> stripped, mostly for CPUs.
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