Looking for old Ethernet hubs and DEC mice

From: R. F. Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Wed Feb 23 19:49:15 2005

Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Hello fellow ClassicCmpers,
> I'm looking for:
> 1. Old 10 Mbps only, half-duplex only, non-switching Ethernet hubs with
> a BNC port in addition to 10BaseTs. I remember these being made by
> Linksys, but can't find them any more. I could use 2 or 3.

Keep an eye out for old HP AdvanceStack 260x hubs-- Stackable, 12 port
10bT, 10b2, serial console (!), axillary media card (10bFL | 10b2 | 10bT
| AUI) on the 2600A model. One option card slot that'll take an SNMP
card, allows neat things like binding a port to a MAC address (it'll
lock out the port and raise a trap if it sees a different MAC address
than what it's expecting), a WAN router card, or a 4-port RS-232 or
2-port internal modem card, both offering RAS. There're also 24- and
48-port (2U) versions that use the Amphenol(sp?) 50-pin telco-style
connectors, come in two flavors depending on whether it has breakout
connectors mounted to the front or is meant to be used with punchdown
blocks. It does have a fan, however. I've never had to reset mine, but
it lives a pretty stress-free life. (There's GUI management 'ware, but
BSD it don't run on, The One True BSD or otherwise.)

There's always one on epay.

> 2. Round 3-button DEC workstation mice, VSXXX-AA. I need 2.
> MS

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