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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 20:08:48 2005

        I wouldn't bother with it. The 60A is also very old, and has long been out of support.

        Focus your efforts on the 2900 that you asked me about earlier.

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On 23-Feb-05 at 23:18 Wai-Sun Chia wrote:

>On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 07:04:44 -0800, Bruce Lane
><> wrote:
>> Good day,
>> I would suggest that you turn your efforts and funds towards
>finding at least a Data I/O 2900, 3900, or even a Unisite. I just landed a
>2900 on Greed-Bay for a little over $100, and there are some Unisites I've
>seen go in the $200 to $250 range. These units are a much better
>investment, as they can program any type of device that is (a),
>programmable, and (b), can drop into a DIP socket (other socket types are
>supported with the Chipsite or Pinsite adapters).
>Thanks for the good suggestions Bruce.
>What do you think of the Data I/O 60A unit then?

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