Texas Instruments 990 with DS10 disk drive?

From: Peter C. Wallace <pcw_at_mesanet.com>
Date: Wed Feb 23 21:08:55 2005

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, steven stengel wrote:

> I can (probably) obtain a Texas Instruments 990, with
> a 5-foot desk and DS10 disk drive.
> I don't know much about it, or even what's all
> included, or what it will cost, but is this something
> someone here would like to have if I turn it down?
> I hope to actually view it this week.
> Steve.

Yes definately - a very interesting machine. My first uC was a (related) 9900.

16 main registers in memory pointed to by Workspace pointer, only 3 visible
hardware registers.

I even vagely remember some instructions

BLWP (Branch - link workspace pointer)

RTWP ???

The TI MPS430 series of low power uC's has a similar intruction set...

The "all registers in memory" architecture could probably work well in a
FPGA with its high bandwidth/dual ported memory.

Peter Wallace
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