Device programmers Model 60

From: Michael Holley <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 22:06:39 2005

> I'm not Bruce but I have a model 60 and as I recall it only does EPROMs
> and only up to the 512 kbit types. You're much better off with a newer
> programmer unless you only want to do 512 kbit EPROMS. IIRC the 212 has
> the
> same limitations.
> Joe

The Model 60 was for PLDs and the Series 22 was for PROMs. Both units are
very similar.

The best thing about them is that the MC6809 processor circuit was based on
my home computer design. I was an engineer at Data I/O at the time and I had
designed a single board computer that fit on a board the size of a floppy
disk drive (5.25 inch type) When the 64 K bit DRAMs came out in 1980 (or so)
Motorola sold a design kit of 8 DRAM chips for about $150. (maybe it was
$100, it was a long time ago.)

 I designed a MC6809 computer with two serial ports, a floppy controller,
64K bytes of RAM, and one floppy drive.. It fit in a case the size of 2
floppy drives, that included the power supply. The memory refresh circuit
was very clever due to the bus cycles of the 6809. I got some help from a
Motorola FAE.

The engineer designing the Model 60 was impressed with my design and got a
copy of my schematics. A few years later there was an engineering change in
the Model 60 and stapled to the design review documents was my home computer

Michael Holley
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