KIM BUS -- coincidence

From: Scott Austin <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 00:05:32 2005

Coincidentally, last week I just pulled out my Kim-1. I want to power
it up and PLAY!

As most of you know (or if you look closely at the various photos on
the web) the Kim-1 has 2 edge connector areas ("A" and "E"). Each side
(top and bottom) of each edge connector has 22 contacts (i.e. 44 on the
A connector edge and 44 on the E connector edge). Sorry, it doesn't
easily add up to 100 any which way.

BTW, my father purchased it new way-back-when for a Master's project.
It's a green MOS (pre-Commodore) motherboard. It's a Rev B (nice
surprise!) and I believe the serial number is 7644 (rubber stamped just
below the MOS logo and "KIM-1" silkscreen, right?). Also silkscreened
just below "KIM-1" is "EC-715" (no idea what that indicates).

Does anyone know what the different board rev's fix/change? I've
heard of rev's as high as "F".

Scott Austin

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