Inside Mac CD-ROM

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 07:51:01 2005

I bought it specifically so that I didn't have to get the rest of the
paperback books (I own Volume I and VI). I have this dilusion of "experiment
programming" on my Fat Mac so for the $10 investment I thought it worth it.

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> I just picked-up an Inside Macintosh CD-ROM from 1995 that was
>produced by Addison-Welsley. The insert indicates that it uses the Apple
>DocViewer, so this tells me that it's really designed for a Mac.

Unless you're doing pre-Mac OS X programming, it really isn't worth
spending much time trying to read this CD-ROM. It contains the
information from a series of books for Programming the Mac, and
primarily deal with the API's. All in all, the "Inside Macintosh"
series were probably one of the most in depth series of books ever
published on programming a computer. The only thing that I can think
of that compares would be the OpenVMS Programming doc's.


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