Bar code scanning

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 09:48:16 2005

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>>error. The device sends PC/AT keyboard scan codes down the cable as
>>if the human typed the digits. The software need never know the
>>origin of the input. I.e. - no driver required.
>The Symbol bar scanner they use at the radiology department in the hospital
>I work for is a PS/2 keyboard wedge, also.
The Symbol laser scanners are often bought in two parts: The scanner, and
the wedge interface. The interface cord plugs into the bottom of the
(twist-and-pull to unhook). You buy the interface depending on how you
want to use it (serial wedge, keyboard wedge, etc.)
There were numerous versions of the keyboard wedge (PS/2, AT, XP,
VT220, IBM mainframe, etc.)
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