Looking for Tektronix 4010 details

From: John A. Dundas III <dundas_at_caltech.edu>
Date: Thu Feb 24 11:33:22 2005

Hope someone might have these.

I'm looking for a couple of items for the Tek 4010 to complete a Mac
emulation. Specifically, the 4010 Maintenance Manual 070-1183-00,
information about the specific DVST used in the terminal, and a dump
of the character generator ROM(s).

I'd like to find out the phosphor and other characteristics of the
DVST used in the 4010. I believe it was also used in the 4012, but
could be wrong.

I have the User's Manual and some other information but I need more
detailed technical info than I have currently. All pointers greatly
appreciated. Also, if you have a working 4010 and would be willing
to answer questions about specific operational details, please let me
know. I'd prefer not to rely on memories from 30 years ago :-).


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