ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 12:20:14 2005 wrote thus of ePain's $1000+ ASR-33:

> Now I have seen it all...

I've been watching that one, too. From a safe distance, I might add. :)
By the bid page it looks like it left the realm of the sane around Tuesday
and became a blood-feud between two psychotic bidders. Good for the
seller, I suppose, though scary for all the rest of us.

...And as long as I'm on the subject: I've been looking for a Teletype -
a 33, 35 or maybe a 37 - in the Seattle area, one I can pick it up myself
and not rely on somebody else's packing [*]. If somebody has one they'd
consider selling, I'd be glad to hear from you; but $300-500 is a lot
nearer my budget. :)

[*] - I bought one about, oh, sixteen months ago, from a guy on eBay who
shipped it from Oregon. Here's one of the photos I took when it arrived:
There's a _much_ longer story here. Suffice to say the next time I try
buying a Teletype I want to capture it intact.

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