Acorn technical data.

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Date: Thu Feb 24 14:30:47 2005

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   Tony Duell <> wrote:
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> > Hello All
> > I am looking for any technical or service data for any Acorn computer
> > built by Acorn Computers of Cambridge, England.

> _Any_ Acorn computer? I am almost sure the BBC micro schematic is on the
> web somewhere, for example. Do a google search for 'BBC Lives' (that's a
> web site stuffed iwth Beeb-related info).

> Personally, I should have schematics for several of the Eurocard-based
> 'Systems', the Atom, BBC (B, B+, Master), most of the coprocessors, the
> Electron, The ACW, and some of the Archimedes.

> What exactly are you looking for?

What I'm trying to do at the moment is fill some of the online gaps.

I was trying to fix an R140 and found it surprisingly hard to source
manuals even from specialist suppliers. So I've decided to round as many
up as possible and put them online.
The one I'm particularly after at the moment is the Archimedes A440 as
this is basically the same as the R140.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ian K
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