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From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 17:59:04 2005

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 22:22:14 -0500
"Richard A. Cini" <> wrote:

> All:
> I just picked-up an Inside Macintosh CD-ROM from 1995 that was
> produced by Addison-Welsley. The insert indicates that it uses the
> Apple DocViewer, so this tells me that it's really designed for a Mac.
> OK, I don't have a CD connected to my IIci (yet), so I figured
> I'd
> put it in my Windows PC and fire-up WinISO. WinISO won't read the
> disk. Nero reads it and indicates it's a "Macintosh HFS Mode 1" disk.
> I was able to use Nero to make an ISO. Unfortunately, nothing can read
> the ISO it produces.
> Are there any non-Mac tools that (1) can read this disk and (2)
> view
> the contents or do I have to dig out a SCSI CDROM and hook it to my
> IIci?

The Macintosh emulator 'Executor' from ARDI ( ) is
a complete Macintosh (pre-system 7) emulator that runs on Intel systems.
 There are Windows and Linux binaries. It's shareware (well, crippled
'shareware' would be more accurate) and you can (I think) download it.
I bought a full copy of it years ago. It 'boots up' into Windows or
Linux and emulates the Mac closely enough that you can read Mac floppies
and CD-ROMs. It's fast enough that back when I was fooling with it, you
could run full-speed 'Wolfenstein 3D Mac Version' on it with all the
sound and colors, on an early Pentium system. I've used it to browse
through and check out various Multimedia CDs for the Macintosh.

You can get full real 'classic' Macs complete with CD for a song these
days, though. Which is a far more fulfilling experience. If you want
an internal Apple SCSI CDROM to put in your Mac for the cost of
shipping, just holler in private email.

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